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Sundays at ACF

With people attending from more than 50 nations and from all walks of life, ACF is an international church community with strong local ties.  In an atmosphere where cultures are celebrated and respected, you’ll see everything from suits and dresses to jeans, T-shirts, and a variety of global attire.


When you arrive at the front doors, there will be greeters who gladly await to welcome you (they are the ones wearing a big red button), hand you a bulletin and guide you to the sanctuary.  They will be happy to answer any questions.

Greeter at door

Information Table

Before entering the sanctuary or after the service, take a few moments to stop at the Information table to pick up any literature that might interest you about upcoming events or ministries. If you are a first-time attender, they have a gift waiting for you! They will be happy to answer any questions you might have or find out the answer for you.

Information Table

Special gift/Connection card during service

During our service, we are happy to greet our first time visitors and have a small gift and connection card to give them at the information table. Stop by!

Special Gift and Connection Card Example

Worship Songs

We believe worship is a gateway to the presence of God and include thoughtful hymns of faith along with dynamic contemporary songs.  Our worship services are led by different teams each week who prayerfully select a variety of praise songs to open our hearts.

Worship during Service

Children’s Classes

Mid-way through the service, children 1.5-12 years are released to their various aged-based classes every Sunday. Children are beginning to learn about Jesus and we help them do this through bible stories, singing, dancing, arts and play, and most importantly, they get to know Jesus loves them through our dedicated team of teachers and assistants.


Bible-centered sermons are shared each week to equip, challenge and inspire listeners for their spiritual journey. ACF’s pastor will most often bring the sermon, but our elders or guest speakers also share on occasion. Listen to past sermons here:

Sermon being preached during service

Refreshments served after every service

Tea and coffee along with a few nibbles are served after service each Sunday morning. This is a great chance to have a chat with others while sipping a warm beverage.

Refreshments after service

Grabbing lunch after service

Want to get to know people at ACF better?  There is usually a group heading to lunch together each Sunday.  Let someone know you are interested, and they will give you the details of where they are grabbing lunch together that day.

Lunch after church