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Our Homegroups

Homegroups are at the core of our spiritual community becoming almost like family. These small groups meet regularly in homes or online discussing questions about the upcoming Sunday sermon and digging deeper into God’s word. They share prayer needs and life together. The list of homegroups is below. Feel free to contact the leader for more details, choosing the group that best fits your schedule or location.

Sundays at 12:30-Antwerp (2x)

Roger & Jovi lead the homegroup called Mabuhay Kabayan meaning “Joyful People” in Filipino. They meet the 1st and 3rd Sundays after service on the second floor of De Stroming. After meeting online, they have recently decided to meet in person. All nationalities are welcome.

Contact for more information.

Sundays at 13:00- Kapellen (1x)

Saad & Sandi lead this family friendly homegroup that meets once a month on a Sunday at their home in Kapellen. Gathering for lunch and study together, children are welcome to play while the adults discuss the HG questions for next week’s sermon.

Contact Sandi at for more information.

Sundays at 15:00-Hoboken(2x)

Francois & Paul take turns hosting and leading their homegroup which meets the second and fourth Sundays of the month in Hoboken. The second Sunday they meet at Draaiboomstraat 11 and the fourth Sunday at Lageweg 292.

Contact Francois at for more information.

Tuesdays at 19:30-Antwerp Center (4x)  

Ralph & Elaine lead the Antwerp Center Homegroup which is centrally located in the Old Town and close to the University campus easily accessible by public transportation. They meet weekly in Joseph & Jana’s home off the Meir.

Ralph & Elaine Elliiot:

Mondays at 20:00-Schilde (4x)

Brian and Alma lead this mixed group of in person and simultaneously online homegroup every Monday at 20:00. They occasionally meet together for special outings and events.

Contact Brian at or Alma at for more information.

Wednesdays at 19:45-Berchem (2x)

Camilo & Camila lead this group in their home in 2600 Berchem on Wednesday evenings which includes many young professional adults.

Contact Camilo at for further info.

Thursdays at 10:00-Women’s Bible Study-Berchem (4x)

All ladies are invited to join the women’s bible study on Thursday mornings at Julyet’s home in Berchem on Fruithoflaan. We gather at 9:30 for coffee and fellowship, beginning our bible study at 10:00. We study a variety of topics like “Women in the Bible”, various books of the bible or interesting topical books; always ending our time in prayer for one another. We usually are finished by 11:30. We end each study with coffee at a local restaurant.

Contact Julie at for more information.

Fridays at 19:00-Mol (4x)

Rajat leads this mostly online homegroup which meets every Friday at 19:00 using google meets discussing the sermon and the weekly questions. They also meet in person for special events together.

Contact Rajat at for more info.

Fridays at 20:00-Purs/Hemiksem (2x)

Silvester leads this flexible homegroup which meets in person the first Friday of the month and online the third Friday. When meeting in person, two families share hosting in their homes:

Host, month 1: Christelle & Deon – Puurs; month 2: Gwendolyn & Nick-Hemiksem

Contact Silvester at for more information.