We are a gospel-centered church in our worship, teaching and equipping disciples.

the gospel changes us

The gospel, which is the good news that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again, changes everything. By grace we are adopted as God's children, & given new life, freedom, joy, & peace as we live for God's glory. By faith in the gospel, we have become rooted in Jesus' forgiveness and love. And through hope, we know the best is yet to come! We are always discovering more of how endlessly deep and wide the gospel is.


To what or to who do you give ultimate worth? That is what the Bible calls worship. If we think about worship that way, we realize that everyone is a worshipper. The real question is who or what do you worship? We worship the God of the Bible who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As a church we gather every Sunday so that through Jesus we can offer sacrifices of praise, confession, thanksgiving and remembrance to our great God and King! As a church, we also worship God by doing good to everyone and by sharing with each other in love.

Bible Teaching

The Bible is God's Word to us. We believe that when we study God's Word, working and praying to interpret it well and apply it to our lives, we are hearing God's voice speaking to us. What an incredible gift God has given us! We also believe that we are transformed by the message of grace and truth that is found in God's Word. Our desire as Christians is to love the Word and to obey it. We also know that God himself seeks his servants through the Word even when we stray from His perfect Word (Psalm 119:176).

equipping leaders

Fellowship timesĀ are essential to growing in love for each other. In addition to our weekly Sunday refreshments time after service, we enjoy special gatherings for picnics & food trucks when the weather is nice and potlucks (sharing food in a church with 60-70 nations is great!), including a Christmas potluck.

making disciples

Friendship & serving togetherĀ are keys to enduring in our faith. In addition to home groups, we enjoy times where men and women gather separately for encouragement & deeper dives into relevant topics. We occasionally have men's and women's retreats to get away, draw closer to Jesus and form stronger friendships.