14583_18991_5We are a vibrant, casual and friendly English speaking international church in the heart of Antwerp. We hope you will join us for worship at our Sunday morning service at 10:30am. We also have a fellowship time after service. Services typically last for 1 hour, 15 minutes. Our aim in each worship service is to praise our God who saves by grace. We don’t do anything in a secretive manner, instead we attempt to make everything in our services comprehensible (simple) while also maintaining a sense of God’s transcendence (He is sovereign, infinite, creator, holy). To meet this aim, our worship service consists of several elements:


  • We begin with worship through songs. These are songs of adoration, thanksgiving, praise, heartfelt confession, and response to what our Savior has done for us. Our worship team uses contemporary instruments (guitar, piano, percussion, and occasionally other kinds of instruments) and songs are selected for the truth that is communicated through the words and for “sing-ability”. A mixture of hymns (old and new) and contemporary songs (such as from Hillsong) are used. The congregation sings along enthusiastically!


  • Towards the beginning of the service, one of our elders (biblical church leaders) gives a call to worship. This is typically a 5 minute thought based on a Bible passage. After this thought from the Bible, he will then lead us in prayer. The purpose of this call to worship is to set our thoughts on God to remind us that we are gathered for His glory and to worship Him.


  • In the middle of the service, an offering is received. Anyone is welcome to give, but we do not ask anyone to give under compulsion. We also believe giving is an act of worship and so we aim to give generously, cheerfully and with thanksgiving to our God who has freely given us His Son Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins.


  • After the offering, we welcome newcomers by simply having them raise their hand and an applause from the congregation then follows. Immediately following this, we encourage everyone to greet each other. The reason we have newcomers raise their hand is so that we can welcome them to the service warmly. We encourage newcomers to fill out information for us to follow up with them, but we do not put any pressure on anyone to do so. We hope you will have a relaxing and enjoyable first time with us!


  • After the greeting time, children ages 3 to 12 are dismissed to their children’s church time upstairs. We have three age groups: Bubbles (3 to 5 years old), Stepping Stones (6 to 8 years old), Splash (9 to 12 years old). We also have a youth ministry (ages 13-18) that meets once a month on the second Sunday of every month. Our children’s ministry and our youth ministry¬†are times for learning the Bible, building friendships¬†and prayer.


  • Following this time of greeting, we have a Bible reading.


  • Our Pastor (or on occasion one of our elders or a guest speaker) then gives the Bible teaching from the passage that was just read. The style of teaching is expository (explaining the passage of Scripture, considering its context and original author’s purpose in writing) and also applicational (bridging the gap from the original writer’s culture and issues to modern day issues, and attempting to address those issues with the Word of God). We believe the word of God when it is preached will transform lives. Our aim is to encourage, challenge, and to present the Gospel very clearly. We love God’s Word!


  • We then close with more songs and finally a few brief announcements and a benediction (closing words). ****Once a month we also have communion (the Lord’s Supper) together. This we believe is an ordinance (command) that the Lord gave to his church to be done in remembrance of his broken body and shed blood on the cross for us.


  • Following the service, there are people available for prayer & we have plenty of time to fellowship with each other and we always serve delicious little cookies with tea and coffee. This is a vital part of our worship service, because we believe very strongly in building a loving, connected community by God’s grace.