Paul's letter to the Romans has changed many lives down through the centuries! It is a powerful book, because it delivers a powerful message called the gospel of God (Romans 1:1). This gospel is said to be the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). In this series, we unpack all that this means from gospel faith to gospel spiritual growth to gospel relationships and finally to the gospel mission to the world. One writer has helpfully outlined Romans this way: The Heart of the Gospel (Romans 1-4); The Power of the Gospel (Romans 5-8); The Progress of the Gospel (Romans 9-11); The Lifestyle of the Gospel (Romans 12-16). We hope this outline and this series help your faith and understanding in the gospel of Jesus grow!

Romans 1:1-7, Coming Under Grace

Romans 1:8-15, The Courtesy of Greatness

Romans 1:16-17, Unashamed of the Gospel

Romans 1:18-23, Without Excuse

Romans 1:24-32, The Mess We Get Into

Romans 2:1-5, The Critical Moralizer or The Fruitful Christian?

Romans 2:6-16, The Night

Romans 2:17-3:8, A Matter of the Heart

Romans 3:1-20, Why Everyone Needs the Gospel

Romans 3:21-31, Jesus Christ: The Righteousness of God

Romans 3:27-4:12, A Case for Faith

Romans 4:13-25, Justified by Faith

Romans 5:1-11, Life in the Trinity

Romans 5:12-21, Two Human Races

Romans 6:1-14, Union with Christ

Romans 6:15-23, You've Got to Serve Somebody

Romans 7:1-13, Dead to the Law

Romans 7:14-25, War Within Ourselves

Romans 8:1-13, Fighting sin with the Spirit

Romans 8:14-17, Living as Children of God

Romans 8:18-30, All Things Work for Good

Romans 8:28-39, Facing Life with Confidence

Romans 9, Does God Remember His People?

Romans 10, How is A Person Saved?

Romans 11, Israel & God's Plan of Salvation

Romans 12, Transformed People