Purpose: this is our overall aim in life.

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Mission: this is what we want to do as ACF.

We want to share the good news about Jesus with as many people as possible.

Values: this is what we practice to complete our mission.

ChristWe are a gospel-centered church in our worship, teaching, and equipping disciples. Through the enabling grace and power of the Holy Spirit we sing the gospel, preach the Word, rejoice in suffering, pray for the weak & sick and equip members to live as disciples through equipping classes.

CommunityWe are a loving-church since love is the greatest reflection of Christian faith and hope. We fellowship & partner together through the Lord’s Supper, baptism, church membership, home groups and using our spiritual gifts to serve and build each other up.

City & WorldWe are an outreach-church because Jesus has sent us on mission to tell others of his life, death on the cross and resurrection even to the ends of the earth. Because the grace of God has changed our lives – We pray for Christ’s mission in the city and world, are actively involved in sharing our faith with others, work with care and excellence in our daily lives, minister in mercy to those in need, and encourage & support other churches and missionaries in their service.

Vision: this is what we dream will happen if we act on our mission, by practicing our values, grounded in our purpose.

Advancing the kingdom by equipping disciples and building multicultural communities that bring spiritual, social and cultural renewal to those around us.