Antwerp Christian Fellowship is searching for a:

Church Planter Pastor

Job Description

Antwerp Christian Fellowship, an English-speaking, International Baptist church in the heart of Antwerp is passionate and excited to plant a new, daughter church to reach the Antwerp locals. We are seeking a church planting pastor to lead this newly formed church planting team and congregation. Through a Flemish-speaking, multi-cultural church service, missional living and targeted evangelism to locals we envision a self-supporting, locally-led church. The values of this new church would be (1) Love and Community; (2) Purpose and Meaning; (3) Identity and Tradition. We believe these are values very often missing and yet hungered for among local Antwerpenaars. Further, we believe the gospel and a church community living lives worthy of the gospel is not only the antidote for what is broken in society, but blazes a light to the inward, renewal of the heart that the kingdom of Christ brings and to the glory that awaits the children of God.

Desired Pastoral Streght

  • (if married) Love his wife as Christ loves the church: self-sacrificial, caring, not rude, not boastful, not arrogant, gracious, gentle and full of understanding.
  • (as a couple) A boldness and confidence as co-heirs of Christ should exude from the entire family. Both men and women have important, varied spiritual gifts which should be used in advancing the kingdom – and God doesn’t expect all men and women to be exactly the same.
  • (if you have children) Since the pastor & wife are examples to the flock, their children should have a growing meekness (self-control), respect for elders and joy in the Lord and in their parents’ love, clarity, discipline and instruction.
  • Be a Shepherd over the congregation he serves: The expectation is that he will do his work with the aim being “love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and sincere faith” (1 Timothy 1:5).
  • The atmosphere at ACF is very multicultural (and we expect the church plant to be as well), and so it is critical to have cultural sensitivity, skills and passion and calling to work cross-culturally. The planter and spouse must possess a clear heart from God and His Word which yearns for Jesus-followers to be made in every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Job Responsibilities

Pastoral responsibilities: Lead the plant through evangelistic preaching, confession of sin, both living a personal life of sacrifice and obedience and demanding the same of believers under his care, performing the biblical ordinances & planning worship gatherings. Along with the elders and other key leaders, oversee a discipleship plan and process for believers under your responsibility and care.

Church planting: Recruit[ , train and lead a church-planting team through prayer, fasting, & worshiping in community along with clear goal setting with the final end goal being a self-sustaining (financially), autonomous Flemish church plant in Antwerp.

Equipping and Evangelism: Help start evangelistic Bible studies and/or use creative outreach events which aim to implement the values above. Disciple team members in becoming more effective disciple-makers and personal evangelists.

Mercy Ministry initiative: As a church plant[, raise up deacons & decide to make mercy and justice a priority from the beginning (Micah 6:8).

Other regular tasks:

Elder responsibilities: Attend & contribute to elder meetings, pray for the congregation and bring biblical guidance to all those who you shepherd.

Delegation: Utilize the gifts of the people in your congregation.

Accountable to: Elders of ACF

Required Job Skills

  • Regularly take extended times of solitude and prayer to hear from God for spiritual renewal.
  • Fluent in the native Flemish language (born and raised in Flanders)
  • Maturity in the Word of God
  • Matches the elder requirements of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and our Elders Policy Document 
  • Minimum 1-2 years pastoral, University, missionary and/or highly involved (and demonstrable) lay church ministry experience (other work experience will also be considered, especially with transferable God-given skills, talents and passions)
  • Growing grasp of the Gospel and a desire to see it grow in your own life and into the social fabric of urban Antwerp.
  • Able to lead teams of volunteers, aligning them with vision and mission.
  • Heart for the lost and young/immature believers
  • Organized, administrative, team player, self-starter, good manager & developer of people
  • Computer skills – Powerpoint, Google Docs, Skype, basic Excel


  • Please send your resume (C.V.) to
    • This should include (1) References with accompanying phone number and email.
      • A Personal Reference – someone who knows you well, a friend or work colleague who can speak well about your Christian character and influence.
      • A Work Reference – an employer who can speak well about your work ethic and abilities.
      • Pastoral or Christian Leader Reference – someone who has led you spiritually as a pastor or Christian leader.
    • This should also include (2) A sermon audio sample or (if Not applicable), some speech given or an outline for a Bible talk or study you gave.
  • Deadline for Applying: May 25, 2019