As you know from our announcements, we are passionate and excited to plant a new, daughter
church to reach the Antwerp locals. We are seeking a church planting pastor to lead this newly
formed church planting team and congregation. Through a Flemish-speaking, multi-cultural church
service, missional living and targeted evangelism to locals we envision a self-supporting, locally-led
church. The values of this new church would be

(1) Love and Community;
(2) Purpose and Meaning;
(3) Identity and Tradition.

We believe these are values very often missing and yet hungered for among local Antwerpenaars.
Further, we believe the gospel and a church community living lives worthy of the gospel is not only
the antidote for what is broken in society, but blazes a light to the inward, renewal of the heart that
the kingdom of Christ brings and to the glory that awaits the children of God.

• Does this position interest you?
• Do you know of someone that may be interested?

Please do not hesitate to contact us on for more information.

Dutch Job Description

English Job Description.