city & world

We are an outreach-church because Jesus has sent us on mission to tell others of his life, death on the cross and resurrection even to the ends of the earth.


Prayer for our Church, City & World

Join us for monthly prayer meetings. We regularly pray for the city and for our different church ministries. We also invite you to come forward after service on Sunday morning and receive prayer from a pastor, elder or prayer team member.

Sharing our Faith with others

We continually remind ourselves as Christians that we are sent to the world, just as the Father sent Jesus. This means we model Christ in his humility and His boldness in witness. Paul also says "how will people hear the gospel message unless someone tells them?" (Romans 10:14). To do this, we (1) Encourage people to invite unbelieving friends to church to hear gospel preaching; (2) Encourage all of us to witness to what God has done in our lives by his grace; (3) Invite non-Christians with questions to meet one on one with a believer at ACF, join a Bible study and/or be in a exploratory class like Christianity Explored when available.

Working with care and excellence in our daily lives

Is it possible to do our daily work in a Christian way? We feel that's an important question since Paul says we are to do everything to the glory of God. Work is something that is good (Genesis 2). Work is something we do to provide for ourselves and our families (1 Tim. 5:8). But Paul also instructed us to work so we have a good witness to outsiders and can have something to share with others in God's household of believers (1 Thess. 4:9-12). Some of us work in the home and some outside the home, but all of it can have purpose if it is done God's way. In the past, we've instructed in the biblical ideas of work in sermons & men's and women's groups.

Mercy Ministry in the city

Jesus once told a story about a man who was walking on a journey when he was suddenly attacked, beaten up and robbed by thieves. Then, three other men came by and saw him lying there very badly hurt - but only one stopped to help him. The beaten man was a Jewish man and the passerby who showed mercy was a Samaritan man. Samaritans and Jews in those days were enemies. This famous parable (Luke 10) is a parallel picture of Jesus who showed mercy to us on the cross, even while we were enemies of God (Rom. 5:10). It's also a story to show what love for our neighbor looks like. At ACF, we practice mercy within church but also to our neighbors in the city. We do this primarily through two partnerships - one at the Bijbelhuis and one at Sint Jozef Elderly Home. We've also had a lot of our people involved at Cherut ministries in the red light district and encourage people to help there if their heart leads.

global missions partners

In 2020, our former Pastor Dave and his wife Tiffany felt the call to go share the gospel in another unreached place. Since Tiffany also studied Development and spoke French, they chose to go to Niger, West Africa. Beginning in fall 2021, David will be teaching part-time in Niamey at a missionary school while learning the local language of French. He's also connecting to University students and those with other faith backgrounds in Niamey. Tiffany is working at an all-girls school for local Nigeriens and teaching Bible. They have four children as well. Part of ACF's aim in sending them is to stay connected in mutual encouragement and to widen our vision as a church into global missions support through strong and strategic partnerships.