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Stepping Stones Video Lessons

by ACF

Ongoing Lesson Series: Jesus’ followers tell others (Acts) Older Lessons Today’s Lesson: Ascension Day (Hemelvaart), 22/05/2020 Saul’s Conversion, 17/05/2020 All part of the body of Christ, 10/05/2020 Trouble for James and Peter, 03/05/2020 Peter tells others about Jesus, Cornelius —Acts 10, 26/04/2020

Bubbles Video Lessons

by ACF

Back to World Changers Videos Older Lessons Ascension Day (Hemelvaart), 22/05/2020 Story of David, 17/05/2020 Jesus Prays, 10/05/2020 The disciples pray during danger, 03/05/2020 Nehemiah’s Prayers, 26/04/2020